The Dinosaurs Rediscovered is receiving wide press coverage:


  • The Observer – article by James McKie on ‘How Jurassic Park ushered in a golden age of dinosaurs’ (23 December 2018) sets the scene, here.
  • The Times – mentioned in an article by Rhys Blakely about ‘a new golden age of dinosaur science’ (15 January 2019). Read it here.
  • Silicon Republic – interview with link to pre-order the book (19 February). Read it here.
  • Everything Dinosaur – book preview (19 February) and competition (15 March). Read it here.
  • Publishers’ Weekly – a slightly low-key book review (1 March); ‘This enjoyable primer will leave layreaders with a new appreciation for how far modern science has come in understanding long-dead animals, represented now by skeletons and isolated bones.’ Read it here.

April 2019

  • Radio 4, Today programme – Three-minute segment, at 7.45 a.m. (8 April). Listen to the feature here [you have to count through to 1:44:50].
  • Nature – a brief and positive review as one of the five best science books of the week (11 April). Read it here.
  • Inquisitive Biologist – a great, thorough review by Leon Vlieger (12 April). He write, “Benton’s enthusiasm is infectious, and his skill at packing so many exciting developments in this book speaks of his deep involvement in this field. He provides a fantastic overview of the revolutions in palaeontology over the last few decades and convinces that now is a very exciting time, indeed, to be a palaeontologist.” Read the full review here .
  • The Guardian – an even more ecstatic review, if that were possible [“No one with even the faintest interest in the subject will want to miss it”], by Tom Hollander (17 April). Read it here.
  • The Scotsman – nice review from Stuart Kelly (25 April). Read it here.
  • Geek Ireland – another nice review, this time by Sean Markey (28 April). Read it here.

May 2019

  • Library Journal – a strong review, suggesting “This engaging book by one of the field’s most prominent paleontologists is as much about the evolution of dinosaur paleobiology as the evolution of dinosaurs themselves. Highly recommended for enthusiasts of these areas.” (1 May). Read it here.
  • Popular Science Blog – review by Brian Clegg (2 May). Read it here.
  • The Wall Street Journal – an excellent review by John Steele Gordon (9 May). Read it here or here.
  • Times Higher Education Supplement – ‘A passion for prehistoric giants’; review by Robert Montgomerie (23 May). Read it here.
  • Readers Digest – ‘Could dinosaurs be brought back to life?’ – extract from the book (25 May). Read it here.

June 2019

  • New York Post – article by Larry Getlen, with fun facts from the book (2 June). Read it here.
  • The Reading Lists – listed among ‘The Most Important Books on Dinosaurs’ (3 June). Read it here.
  • Christian Science Monitor – a great review by Steve Donoghue, who says “The final impression of “Dinosaurs Rediscovered” is one of infectious excitement. Benton has been learning about dinosaurs and teaching about them for decades, writing dozens of books and textbooks and shaping the understanding of paleontology for an entire generation. This book is an engrossing and beautifully designed result of that lifelong passion” (11 June). Read it here.
  • Daily Star – ‘Dinosaur study reveals the mighty T-Rex TICKLED its lovers into bed – and was ginger’ by Michael Moran (23 June). Read it here.
  • New York Post – the book is mentioned again, in passing, in their ‘Weird but true’ section, where we read that ‘T-Rex was a redhead’… and ‘the best used its small arms to “tickle” partners before sex’ (25 June). Oh well.

July 2019

  • Interview by Robyn Williams on the Science Show, ABC National Radio, Australia. Listen to it here.

August 2019

  • Current Biology: Great review by Zhonghe Zhou, Director of Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthroplogy, Beijing (5 August). “[Benton] is a skillful writer and has been involved in many of the revolutionary discoveries that are described in his new book”. Read the 3-page review here.

September 2019

December 2019

  • New York Review of Books: A very nice review by Verlyn Klinkenborg: ‘A far better book is Dinosaurs Re­discovered: The Scientific Revolution in Paleontology by Michael J. Benton, a paleontologist at the University of Bristol and the author of several superb books on his field. Benton’s prose is a model of science writing -energetic without being hyperactive, illustrative without loosing a swarm of irritating metaphors, alive to the reader’s curios­ity without pandering to the reader’s ignorance.’ Read the essay-review here.

January 2020

  • Booktopia: summary of seven published reviews, and an overall ‘rave’ rating. Nice. Read it here.

February 2020

  • Bookmunch review by Chris Oleson, ‘Embracing the Revolution’. Read the review here.